Research Introduction


Based on NBRL ( developed immune cell therapy, JA Bio has established a legendary anti-tumor immune cell therapeutic research and development platform, which reflects the world class anti-cancer immune cells and antibody drug development level. Its research and development focusing areas are immune cells for the treatment of tumors and the development of new tumor immunotherapy methods, such as development of human lymphocytes, especially CAR-T and natural killer T cells (NK) and cytotoxic T (CTL), which is a very trendy area in the field of tumor cell immunotherapy. The specific T cells secrete a variety of cytokines involved in immune that the tumor antigen carrying tumor cells and virus-infected cells will be killed efficiently. The natural killer T cells constitute the body anti-tumor immune important line of defense, the use of a variety of anti-tumor antibodies to further developing the most popular CAR T immune cell therapy. We have our own technique platform to develop the (CAR-T, CAR-NK) drugs for the treatment of tumors, and plans to establish a new anti-tumor CTL that is different from the current CAR-T, and immune cell drug library, which can treat the different cancer patients with accurate and powerful cell immunotherapy.