Growth Potential


The current immune cell therapy is the world's most potential therapeutics development area to overcome the cancer. Many of the famous scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies are considering investing heavily in the research, various countries and regions. US technology research and development level is the world's most advanced, but the clinical application of the process has some limitation.  


Tumor is caused by normal cell out of control proliferation. The reasons for development of complex therapeutic drugs are multiple ways to involve in many genetic, epigenetic, cell and tissue levels of abnormalities pathways. High degree of variability in the genome and epigenome levels, extreme heterogeneity from transcripts, proteins to metabolites, and adaptability to the environment, making tumors the most difficult for diagnosis and treatment. The new generation of sequencing technology, molecular markers, imaging tools, molecular diagnostic methods and other advances in the development of  medicine for the study and clinical research have provided a new idea for the legendary breakthrough tumor immunotherapy, indicating that the era of tumor immunotherapy has come, especially in the treatment with anti-cancer T cells, NK cells and immunological check point inhibitor antibody and chimeric antigen receptor modified T cells (CAR-T). 


JA Bio is located in Cambridge, Boston, where is the center of global innovation in bio-medicine, using the world-class R&D researchers and resources of immune cell therapy for cancer disease development.